tinkercraft aims to make visible, reveal, augment and question the relationship between people and the environment through design and research. We’ve worked with ecologists, planners, architects, biologists, and engineers on projects that range in scale from products to buildings and from street to region. tinkercraft reflects on, and designs for, the intersection of the social and the environmental. Considering all the myriad ways in which these two terms are defined, we remain enthusiastically open about new collaborations.

Nicole Lambrou

Nicole’s work focuses on how the politics of climate resilience shape urban environmental transformations. Her research documents the work of planners, engineers, designers, ecologists, and everyday urban dwellers in making new natures in their cities, and explores the values and spatial imaginaries that drive their efforts. The projects and proposals taken on by tinkercraft are framed by this research.

Nicole is an architect with experience in designing public housing, schools, private institutions, and dwellings. Nicole received an M.Arch. from Yale University, her work has been exhibited in the United States and Europe, and she has received accolades for various architectural submissions throughout her design career. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Urban Planning from UCLA’s Luskin School of Public Affairs.


Thomas Auer of Transsolar Energitechnik; Mark Mueckenheim of MCKNHM Architects; Eric Lum, PhD, Architect; Peter Suen of Fifth Arch; Dima Almobarak; Drake Hawthorne; Janet MacKinnon of AE Design.


Nicole has served as an architecture instructor and thesis advisor at the Academy of Art University’s Graduate School of Architecture since 2011. During that time she has also served in various other roles, including Assistant Graduate Director and Graduate Midpoint Coordinator. She has also been invited as a critic to several architecture studio reviews and served as teaching fellow in representation courses at the Yale School of Architecture. She is currently a lecturer at Cal Poly Pomona’s College of Environmental Design.