tinkercraft | Athens 2016: Paraliaki
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Athens 2016: Paraliaki

Shot on a mobile phone, this video chronicles the urban form of a famous street in Athens that runs along the Athenian Coast. The street, named Posidonos, contains a series of beaches and night clubs, and houses some of the most expensive real estate of the city. The camera in this footage turns East, inland, to show the schizophrenic conditions of urban street life along this virtual border. In 2016, Athens placed a large number of Syrian refugees in the old airport (a new one was built for the 2004 Olympics.) About half-way through the video the living conditions of these refugees is revealed, a series of billowing sheets that are appropriated as privacy screens. The video continues past that point to show how disparate urban elements are collaged together in the formation of a unique public streetscape.


Research and Observations