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This proposal capitalizes on the unique opportunity the Cuyahoga River site provides for reconceptualizing the Urban Park. It supports the active and urgent remediation of this former industrial site. The aim is to create a park that is a learning laboratory offering opportunities for recreation in an environment that is actively reclaimed.


To achieve this, we propose a network of walls and walks.


Retaining walls stabilize the soil while carving terraces used for recreation, plantings and viewing platforms. Load-bearing walls cut perpendicular to the river and collect stormwater used for on-site irrigation. They support a network of lightweight boardwalks that expand and contract to create spaces of transition and repose. Beneath these elevated walks live materials, such as specific vegetation types, are used to control erosion and provide geotechnical stabilization to slopes and stream banks. They are also used in phytostimulization and rhizofiltration, processes which filter water through a mass of roots to remove toxic substances and excess nutrients.


Public Work